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Flu Vaccines are here! 
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COVID-19 Preparedness


Important MACM Office Update Regarding COVID-19 Pandemic


New Office Policy for the COVID-19 Pandemic 


At the numbers of new cases are trending down in Michigan, we are gradually accepting non-sick patients in the office for routine visits. Maintaining routine care is important. We are screening patients before the visit for risks of COVID-19. Patients at higher risk (recent exposure, fever, cough) will be asked to set up a virtual visit via video or telephone (see above). Everybody must wear a mask for the visit and sanitize the hands. 


Coronavirus Antibody Testing


 We now can order blood antibody tests for coronaviruses through Beaumont Labs. This test is not yet FDA approved and there are still a lot of uncertainties. However, it may help identify those who have had a recent infection. Timing is critical for this test as it takes 2 to 3 weeks to form these antibodies.


We ask that those interested call us for at least a virtual appointment to see if antibody testing is right for you. We can issue an order to the lab on the first floor of our building. 


Stay safe and please follow the CDC guidelines for “social distancing”. 


For more information, go to https://www.michigan.gov/Coronavirus . 



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